Programme de la formation Media and influence across the globe


(total ECTS sans les options facultative : 60) 


  • Capacity to develop an international communication strategy, taking into account the business & CSR objectives of the company
  • Designing and implementing communication strategies 
  • Implement, manage and analyze the effectiveness of communication campaigns at a global and a local level 
  • Manage press relations and external agencies
  • Guarantee the brand's image and reputation at an international level 
  • Conceive and manage a communication budget
  • Manage and lead multicultural and multiregional, internal and external teams
  • Manage external agencies and suppliers
  • Monitor trends and the market
  • Analyze the data and the investments and make an ROI analysis 


  • Workshop1 : Fondamentaux de la stratégie digitale 
  • Workshop2 : Challenge spécialisation 
  • Audacity Week

COURS DE LA MAJEURE Media & influence across the globe

  • Understanding the international media landscape
  • Harnessing the power of media
  • International press relations
  • International media planning
  • Innovative media planning
  • International Press Review & Current Events

À ces cours s'ajoutent :

  • Un électif hors spécialisation
  • Workshop 3 : International Crisis Management
  • Workshop 4 : Inventing the media of tomorrow

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