Incoming exchange students at ISCOM France


If you are interested in coming to ISCOM as an exchange student, make sure that your institution has a partnership with us. If it is the case then your home institution has to nominate you first. Contact the International Coordinator/Erasmus Coordinator at your home institution who will be able to advise you further. They will provide you with the internal application process.

Incoming students have the possibility of choosing which ISCOM campus in France to study at. The Paris, Lille, Lyon and Nice campuses can accept incoming students into programmes in English and in French. And the Bordeaux, Montpellier, Rennes, Rouen, Strasbourg and Toulouse campuses can welcome students into the programmes in French only. 



We use SoleMOVE online platform for nominations and applications for incoming exchange students. Nomination can only be done by the international office of the student’s home institution. If the partner institution does not have or has forgotten the login information, it can be requested on If your home institution is not ISCOM’s partner yet, the international office can contact us.

For the nomination process the following student's information is needed:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • email address (make sure that the email address you provide is correct and in use)
  • field and level of studies

Nomination deadlines for incoming exchange students:

  • April 30th for the Autumn Semester
  • October 15th for the Spring Semester 


Please note that a nomination by the home institution does not mean an automatic acceptance by ISCOM!



ISCOM welcomes incoming exchange students for one semester only, it can be done in either of the following Semesters:

  • Autumn Semester from September to January 
  • Spring Semester from February to June

You can find more information about the upcoming academic year in the ISCOM Fact Sheet

ISCOM Fact Sheet 2024-2025


Application deadlines for incoming exchange students:

  • May 15th for the Autumn Semester
  • October 31st for the Spring Semester

Students will be contacted directly to the email address provided in the nomination, they will receive application instructions and credentials for the online application form on the SoleMOVE platform. In this platform, students will be invited to fill out the online application, create their study plan and upload the following required documents:

  • Headshot (passport type photo) in JPEG or GIF format
  • Copy of passport or ID in PDF format
  • Copy of European Health Insurance Card or private insurance in PDF format
  • Proof of Language Proficiency (CEFR B2 level minimum) in PDF format
  • Motivation letter in PDF format
  • Transcript of Records (most recent) in PDF format
  • Portfolio (only for students wishing to join the “Creation et Design” programme in French – CREA 360 or Le Quatre)


The online application platform opens to students applying for the Autumn Semester on April 15th and to students applying for the Spring semester on October 1st.

Applications are handled after the deadline for applying. The letter of acceptance will be sent to the accepted students via SoleMOVE and other necessary information will be send by e-mail.


Study Plan

The Study Plan is part of the online application form, it is a choice of programme, campus and study year that the student wishes to take during a semester at ISCOM. Please note that students must choose courses from one programme only. It is not possible to pick-and-choose from different programmes or study years. 

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Students should receive their home institution's validation of the chosen ISCOM study year, programme and associated courses before submitting the online application. The study plan will also be reviewed by ISCOM’s academic team. Once the student’s study plan is validated their Learning Agreement can be created. Have a look on the table below to know which programme is offered when and on which campus :

Learning Agreement for Erasmus+ Programme exchange students

The Learning Agreement is an official document that will need to be filled out by the student with the course choices (listed one by one) for their semester at ISCOM. When the Learning Agreement is complete, the student will need to add their signature first, then have their home institution’s international coordinator sign it and finally the ISCOM international coordinator can sign the document.

Please note that the Learning Agreement can only be created after the student has been officially accepted at ISCOM = has received the Letter of Acceptance.

ISCOM currently uses the SoleMOVE online platform to sign Learning Agreements. Students need to prepare the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) according to their home institution’s guidelines. If the student’s home institution is not using OLA or any other platform to complete the  Learning agreement, the student will need to fill out a Learning Agreement as a Word or a PDF document and send it to