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35+ years of existence

ISCOM was founded in Paris in 1986 on the strong belief that communication is one of the best elements to contribute directly to the performance of companies.

From the start, ISCOM was meant to follow a general, non-specialized curriculum to prepare students in the best possible way for a career in Communications, still while developing their senses of commitment, critical thinking and creativity: essential skills to manage a company. To gain insight on the reality of business - in the national territory and on the international market - ISCOM developed a network of 10 campuses in France, 17,000 alumni worldwide and forged a multitude of international partnerships in universities and companies around the world.

Student life

One of ISCOM’s most important value is to promote, help and develop the student life on every campus in France. From having fun, to creating new student clubs, to getting involved in humanitarian actions, ISCOM is committed to helping students develop their projects, whether they are professional or personal.

Internship and apprenticeship

Every year at ISCOM, our students do an internship or an apprenticeship. ISCOM has an entire team dedicated to accompanying and helping you find an internship, thanks to our developed company network in France and worldwide.

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Why you should choose France for your studies

French way of life

If you dream of studying abroad in a beautiful and diversified country, France is for you! Whether you like the French Mediterranean coast, the Atlantic coast, Brittany or major cultural and working cities such as Lyon, Lille or Paris… all of our campuses are centrally located in renowned French cities - the perfect environment to learn French. Meeting other students, visiting museums, regions, going to events, enjoying food and drinks… As a student here, you will be able to discover and enjoy ALL of French culture!

Enjoy the cultural part of France in meeting other students, visiting the country, museums, events or enjoying food and drinks.

Diverse industries in the sixth largest economy

Our campuses are all in different parts of France and each of those regions have their own particularity - in term of companies and industries. Studying in France at ISCOM will give you an access to lots of diversified businesses, such as high-tech, luxe, food, clothes and many other businesses.

Discover our most popular program

Le Programme Grande Ecole

ISCOM's graduate School (Grande Ecole) program follows a general and operational approach to teach Communications. It trains students to become strategic, enterprising, creative communications specialists and influencers.

It combines:

  • Courses providing in-depth knowledge and adaptability to new challenges;
  • Challenges and games aimed at developing creativity
  • Workshops on real cases to enhance professionalism
  • Internships in France and abroad to confront the reality of the field
  • Classes in English and international courses to broaden your experience in international markets;
  • A fifth year combining work and study

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Practical informations

How to join ?

You can register for the tests directly on our website, by selecting the city where you wish to study. Registration is subject to passing your current course. The tests are also suitable for those without a background in Communications or Information/Technology.

The tests are 100% digital and can be taken remotely from your home.

If you need informations regarding your home country and the administrative documents needed, do not hesitate to contact us at: 

Price / Tuition fees

Tuition fees depend on the campus and the year you wish to enter.

1st to 3rd year:

  • Paris : 7600€
  • Lille, Lyon, Rouen, Bordeaux, Nice, Rennes : 7000€
  • Strasbourg, Toulouse, Montpellier : 6500€

4th year:

  • Paris : 7800€
  • Lille, Lyon, Rouen, Bordeaux, Nice, Rennes : 7300€
  • Strasbourg, Toulouse, Montpellier : 6700€

5th year is free for you on the condition to have an apprenticeship when beginning your 5th year at ISCOM.

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