The Erasmus experience of Martina Slovjak

Martina Slovjak, a 2nd year communication & management student at Edward Bernays University College (Zagreb,Croatia) spent a semester at ISCOM Paris with the Erasmus Programme. She accepted to share her experience in France with us !


  • How was your overall experience at ISCOM?

My overall experience at ISCOM was amazing! Everyone, from teachers to my classmates were friendly and ready to help with anything which I liked the most. Teachers really tried to make their lectures interesting and I think they did an awesome job. 


  • What is one thing you will always remember about your experience at ISCOM?

I will always remember incredible people I’ve met at ISCOM. Not only students, but teachers as well. Also, I will never forget all of the amazing themes ISCOM had like Harry Potter, beach theme etc. It was really fun! 


  • How has your experience helped you in your future endeavors?

This experience really helped me a lot to meet myself better because this was the first time I lived alone far away from my family. I was obligated to get little bit more serious and responsible about certain things which I transferred in my life back home. 


  • What is one main difference from your home university experience compared to your Erasmus experience?

The main difference between my university and ISCOM is the different learning approach. In Paris I had a lot more team projects which I really liked as well as interesting tasks and researches. Also, I find the lectures a lot more modern at ISCOM. 


  • What are your three favourite things about Paris?

Three favorite things about Paris: the beautiful view wherever you go (can’t get enough of it), a lot of cool places to visit and a really good transport connection! 


  • Which class was your favourite and why? 

My favorite class was Elizabeth Milovdov’s Communications Law. The best teacher I’ve had so far, such interesting lectures that you can really learn a lot from. 


  • Do you think you would encourage others to come to ISCOM?

I would definitely encourage other people to come at ISCOM. An experience that will never be forgotten for sure. 


  • Did ISCOM help you see things from an international perspective? If SO, how? 

Yes, ISCOM has helped me to see things in a different perspective. I spent a lot of time with people from all around the world from whom you can learn a lot about different cultures and you can hear a lot of interesting and different stories which is amazing.