ISCOM highlights its international approach during Audacity Week

With its years of experience and diverse expertise, ISCOM takes advantage of Audacity week to highlight its International approach, with two tracks: one about the organization of a “social game” and the other about “friendly climate mobilities in the US”. 

Being in English, both tracks encourage our students to bring out a different perspective whilst thinking internationally and out of the box. 


Jean-Marc Rejaud, the professor in charge of the track about friendly climate mobilities in the US agreed to answer our questions.


Who are you? 


My name is Jean-Marc Rejaud, I am Associate Professor and Assistant Chair of the Advertising and Marketing Communications Program at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.



Which track did you conduct during Audacity Week 2020? 


I conducted track #2 which was about friendly climate mobilities in the US



What was the main focus of this track?


The goal was to help a European e-Bike brand - Vanmoof- to succeed in the US market. Students had to develop, propose, and present a US marketing campaign for this client. 

They were coached by 2 International Marketing Coaches from the US & the Netherlands and heard from recognized US marketing professionals and sustainability experts on how to succeed in the US market



What were possible difficulties students could have?


  • Discover a client and a market in a very short time
  • Being able to develop information-driven conclusions and recommendations under pressure
  • Develop powerful creative strategies and ideas as marketing professionals 



 What did you expect from the students for their last workshop?


I expected from the students to provide a professional recommendation that the client would decide to implement.



How do you think this track could boast their creativity and make them more curious thinkers in the future?


To understand a new market, new consumer habits and behaviors further expand their spectrum of appreciation of various cultures and acceptance for differences…and to also work a sustainable transportation solution. Students can better appreciate the difference between idealism and realism for actually making some progress in a competitive market for having consumers embracing the e-bikes for their commuting needs. That way, their creativity is with consumer behavior change purpose. This way, they are going to be better able to influence consumers towards a better (sustainable) world in their careers.



A word for our future alumni?


Go change this world and do not let anyone asking you to change your values!