The International Days through Gaspard’s eyes

Dive into the International Days through Gaspard’s eyes


Meet Gaspard Richard, a vibrant student at ISCOM Paris, whose interests in politics, cultural diversity, and engaging discussions fuel his passion for communication. Gaspard recently had the opportunity to participate in the International Days, a dynamic event held between February 28th and March 1st, where students delve into global perspectives on communication and culture. Let's hear from Gaspard as he shares his insights and reflections from this enriching experience.

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About Gaspard Richard

« My name is Gaspard, and I am an ISCOM Paris student in International Communications, with a passion for politics, exploring cultural diversity, and engaging in meaningful discussions on various related topics. My interests span across different areas, including education, technology, and the arts, making me keen on participating in events that foster understanding and appreciation of different cultures."


What are the International days ?

"The International Days are three days filled with conferences and workshops led by international experts from ISCOM's partner universities. This encourages us to broaden our perspective on communication beyond France and thus have a more international vision. The speakers, coming from various European countries, therefore open our eyes to a broader scope of communication.

During the event, one of the most engaging discussions I participated in revolved around the impact of cultural diversity in the workplace. It was fascinating to hear different perspectives on how a diverse team can drive innovation and creativity. Another presentation that stood out was on the topic of European education systems, comparing different approaches to learning and teaching across cultures. These discussions were not only informative but also sparked interesting debates among participants, making them particularly memorable. »


Why is it crucial ? 

« Events like the International Days play a crucial role in promoting diversity and inclusion within academic institutions by providing a space for students and teachers from various backgrounds to share their experiences and learn from one another. These events help in breaking down cultural barriers and fostering a sense of community and understanding among participants, which is essential for creating an inclusive educational environment.

One key takeaway from these International Days is the importance of open-mindedness and the willingness to engage with and learn from cultures different from one's own. It highlighted the richness that diversity brings to academic and social settings, and how embracing it can lead to more innovative and inclusive communities.

For future International Days events, incorporating more interactive workshops or cultural exchange activities could enhance the experience for both students and professors. These could include language exchange sessions, cultural performances, that not only educate but also allow participants to experience different cultures more directly. »


If you could swap nationalities for a day ?

« If given the opportunity to swap nationalities for a day, I would choose to be Belgian. Belgium, with its rich history, diverse culture, and linguistic variety, offers a unique blend of experiences that intrigue me. The country's reputation for excellent cuisine, including world-renowned chocolates, waffles, and beers, is certainly appealing. Moreover, Belgium's pivotal role in European politics, being home to several international institutions, adds to its allure. Experiencing Belgian life firsthand would provide valuable insights into how this small yet significant country maintains its cultural identity while being at the heart of Europe's political landscape. The opportunity to immerse myself in the Belgian way of life, even for just a day, would be a fascinating experience, enriching my understanding of cultural diversity and inclusion. It’s maybe why I want to make my internship next year in the European Parliament in Brussels."


what is your go-to french song ? 

"My go-to French song to lift my spirits is "Maintenant" by Vianney and Renaud. This song has a unique blend of uplifting melodies and heartfelt lyrics that resonate deeply with me. The collaboration between Vianney, known for his poetic songwriting, and Renaud, with his distinct voice and storytelling, creates a beautiful harmony that speaks to the soul. The song's message about living in the moment and cherishing the present is particularly inspiring, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to boost their mood. »


ISCOM would like to express their sincere appreciation to Gaspard for generously sharing his insightful reflections on the International Days at ISCOM Paris. His passion for communication, cultural diversity, and engagement is truly inspiring, and his contributions to the event have undoubtedly enriched the experiences of fellow students and educators alike. Thank you, Gaspard, for your invaluable insights and for reminding us of the importance of embracing diversity and fostering inclusive environments.


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