ISCOM : the higher institute for communications and advertising


The world of communications is going through a period of intense change, and professionals agree that it is a very exciting time to get involved in the field of communications.

For a school specialised in advertising and communications, to professionally train communicators in a world where the physical and virtual are intertwined, where traditional and new media coexist, and where brands and consumers maintain more and more complex relationships is not only a matter of educational content, but also and above all one of culture and values.
With this in mind, for several years ISCOM has been developing a programme based on systematic collaboration with the major players in the industry, including agencies, advertisers and professional associations.

Today ISCOM has established itself as the intrinsic partner for all sectors of communications: advertising, public relations, event planning, press relations, marketing, new technologies, promotions, internal communications...
Students who choose ISCOM will become part of a school that, like the communications industry itself, values rigour, professionalism, dynamism, creativity, openmindedness, enthusiasm, and respect for teamwork...They will share in our passion for communications.


Virginie Munch, CEO ISCOM


ISCOM, the higher institute for communications and advertising, prepares its students to lead communication expertise with both strategic and operational skills. Humanist management, efficiency and collective interest are part of ISCOM's culture.

ISCOM's know-how relies on :

permanent partnerships with industry,

an academic training,

innovative techniques,

human contact with the school

With 7 campuses across France, around 3000 students pursue any one of ISCOM's programs.