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ISCOM : the higher institute for communications and advertising


This unique period of time that we have gone through has increased communication needs from governments to citizens, from companies to clients, from management to coworkers. In the hurry, or with hindsight, to inform, reassure, support, promote or entertain, different kinds of communication have either opposed or complemented each other.

These new international practices are at the core of our new strategic plan : SHARING ISCOM 20-25. This plan has been introduced to prepare ourselves for the next communication revolution.

Sharing ISCOM 20-25 expands the ISCOM campus with their eight establishments and their 3800 students and shares their teachings anchored in the local and international economy. It merges the global experience, online and offline teachings, professional experiences and closely associates the alumni network (more than 13000 graduates).

From those sources of sharing, ISCOM vows to reinforce the capability of students to be bold, curious, respectful, adaptable and benevolent.
More than ever, our students and graduates are the central core of our project because: ISCOM X You


Marianne Conde-Salazar, CEO ISCOM



ISCOM, the higher institute for communications and advertising, prepares its students to lead communication expertise with both strategic and operational skills. Humanist management, efficiency and collective interest are part of ISCOM's culture.

ISCOM's know-how relies on :

permanent partnerships with industry,

an academic training,

innovative techniques,

human contact with the school

With 8 campuses across France, around 3000 students pursue any one of ISCOM's programs.