Congratulations to International Global Communications Teams

ISCOM was well represented at the international Philips/Sagemcom/Studyka competition. Of the six finalist teams, three were from ISCOM...

The three other teams came from the UK, Italy and France. (The competition started with 107 teams, was narrowed to 25, then the final 6).

Each team had to present in front of large jury made up of Sagemcom executives, including the deputy CEO. Presentations were ten minutes, followed by a five minute Q&A. Students had to speak from a stage, with microphones.
Our teams came in second, third and fourth overall, winning lots of great Philips products, including the PicoPix and headphones.

They also "won" the chance to apply for internships and alternance positions.

Second Place: Yannis HENRION, Clarisse BALANCIE, Camille CRIQUI ||| The 3 Black Birds

Third Place: Fanny MORAL, Olga BARANOVA, Frederic MOUTON ||| YouShould

Fourth Place: Matthew LAVAU, Lola VANDENBERG, Jeremy ZIEGLER ||| Blast