Understanding the Mémoire, The Fourth-Year Personal Research Paper

All of ISCOM's fourth-year students must write a "memoire"-- essentially a final, or "capstone" research paper—on an important strategic question related to their professional interests...






Building a professional network

This 35-50 page paper, written in English for the international class, is designed not only to enable students to closely investigate the impact an emerging trend is having on the world of communications, but also to serve as a tool to help them build their professional network and, ultimately, find a job.

Courses & tutorats

Students arrive on the first day of class in October with an idea of what their topic will be (we call it a "problematic", and it takes the form of a question). Over the course of six months and four tutorats, small group meetings with their professor, they will work on refining their ideas, deciding on what research methodology would best work to lead them to their conclusions (questionnaires, focus groups, interviews, case studies, etc.) and discovering the books, research reports and other sources to help them understand the context of their problematic.Students should have a solid draft before they leave for their internship, and the final document is due in May, with an oral defense presentation scheduled for June.

A Variety of Topics

This year, the topics are interesting and diverse, as usual. Social TV, wearable technologies and big data all can be found, together with investigations of the fashion, luxury, spirits and nuclear energy industries. All of the specializations in communications are represented, with students looking at impacts of trends and technology in branding, advertising, public relations, events and digital fields.