International competition for Philips

On March 20, three teams from the fourth-year International Global Communications class will be representing ISCOM at the final step of an international competition for Philips...

The entire class participated in this "serious game" as our third brief in the International Professional Competitions class.
108 teams from six countries in Europe entered the competition, the theme for which was to design a promotional campaign for the PicoPix (a small projector) for Philips.



First stepThe first step was to submit the "big idea" in a total of three PowerPoint slides. From this, 25 teams were selected by Philips for a "short list". Of that 25, 11 were from ISCOM.

Second stepFor the second step, the selected teams had to submit a 15-slide presentation, from which five teams would be selected. Of these five teams, two are from ISCOM. We also have the possibility of a third "wild card" team from ISCOM participating as winner of a Facebook Like contest. The teams selected for the final round will present to the Philips executive staff in Paris in a 10-minute presentation.
The competition will be followed by a reception where students can network with Philips managers. We wish our teams the best of luck!

Elizabeth Albrycht has more than 20 years' experience in the practice of high technology public relations, with a special focus on digital communications and social media.
For the past seven years she has focused on the use of electronic networks for marketing and communications as an independent consultant for European and US-based clients.
Elizabeth is currently the professor in charge of the international class at the Institut Supérieur de Communication (ISCOM).