A Taste of Success for the Class

Intervenante responsable de la spécialisation International Global Communications à l'ISCOM Paris, Elizabeth Albrycht anime tous les mois une chronique en anglais sur l'actualité de la communication et des classes internationales de l'ISCOM. Retour sur la compétition professionnelle pour Le Petit Ballon...


The competitions

In the fourth-year program at ISCOM, all students participate in four competitions throughout the course of the year. In the international class, these competitions are in English, and concern international challenges. Our first brief was for an early stage American software company (see story here) and our second brief was for a French start-up, Le Petit Ballon, a wine club, who was seeking ideas for entering the British market.


Developing a promotional campaign

As ISCOM is a marketing/communications school, the focus of the work was on developing a promotional campaign. However, the students quickly realized that they had to consider a wide variety of business issues before they could complete ideas for a campaign, including packaging, distribution and pricing. Furthermore, with an eye on developing trends, I encouraged them to think about the implications of connected objects, and whether these could be integrated into the packaging, for example!



Our client was very pleased with the results. "Working with the ISCOM students was such a pleasure and an honor. The teams were talented and had very good ideas that Le Petit Ballon should apply in its strategy as soon as possible," remarked Martin Ohannessian, Founder and CEO.
To thank the students for all of their hard work, Mr. Ohannessian invited the class to the company's store in Paris for a wine-tasting lesson from their sommelier, Jean-Michel Deluc.

Elizabeth Albrycht has more than 20 years' experience in the practice of high technology public relations, with a special focus on digital communications and social media.
For the past seven years she has focused on the use of electronic networks for marketing and communications as an independent consultant for European and US-based clients.
Elizabeth is currently the professor in charge of the international class at the Institut Supérieur de Communication (ISCOM).

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