Student Clémence GARNIER Places Fourth in edcom Thesis Competition

Each year, edcom, the European Institute for Commercial Communications Education  holds a thesis competition in order to reward the best Bachelor and Master theses among edcom member schools. The schools represent universities and other institutes of higher learning across Europe. One of the finalists in their 2015 competition for the master theses was an ISCOM International Global Communications fourth-year student (PROMO 2014), Clémence GARNIER. Her paper concerned Social TV. Following is an abstract of the paper...

SOCIAL TV: the solution to turn TV viewers' distraction into engagement

By enhancing the TV experience on every screen before, during and after the broadcast, marketers can create a new contract – a new relationship – with their customers. This new contract is called "Social TV" and symbolizes the brands' promise to put their customers at the heart of their strategy. By doing so, marketers turn TV viewers' distraction into engagement.
We have demonstrated in this thesis that marketers can use different Social TV tactics to extend and galvanize their advertising, add value to their sponsorships and integrate into exceptional TV events. We also proved that some of these tactics were better than other ones to drive audiences' engagement. But the point here is that the tactic itself does not matter, what is important is to offer a real added value to customers through a multiscreen experience.

Create an engaging unique branded experienceThat is why, in order to create an engaging unique branded experience across the screens, marketers have to go through different steps. First, they have to base their big idea on the analysis of their internal and external environment. Second, they have to create an experience that combines content (a qualitative, attractive and consistent one), interactivity (between the brand and Social TV users, and between Social TV users themselves) and gamification (using game mechanics to challenge TV socializers and reward them for their engagement). Finally, they have to adopt a test and learn attitude by analyzing the impact of their campaign on the audiences' engagement and by maintaining close relations with their customers through community management.

Working on the thesis ("memoire") and participating in the EDCOM competition have been a rewarding experience. I loved demonstrating that Social TV is more than the new thing to watch, it is the opportunity for marketers to drive audience's engagement through unique advertising experience"  Clémence GARNIER

At the end of her fourth year at ISCOM Paris in the International Global Communications class, Clémence did two internships: the first one as a Social TV project manager at Omnicom Media Group and the second one as an account executive at Buzzman.

Download a copy of Clémence's thesis