Ils ont suivi une des classes internationales de l'ISCOM...

Alexandros Moraitis a suivi la section REP Internationale à l'ISCOM Paris ; Héléna Bertin était en classe de COMAL Internationale.
Tous deux se sont retrouvés à Broadway pour leur stage de fin d'études, sur la production des comédies musicales de Town Square Productions.

"Six-month internship in the heart of Times Squares, the area of Broadway's musical comedies and million of advertisements. Town Square Productions was an extraordinary opportunity for both of us. We came back from New York City with amazing souvenirs. We worked for the event Japan day 2010 @ Central Park and the launch of the Ray Charles musical. It allowed us to expand our knowledge and discover new things in Communications Advertising everyday. It was also a great experience and use the English language. Finally, a new friendship is borned in Nyc and Alexandros and I keep in mind a strong relationship with our lovely director Don Frantz and Laurie Brown. Thank you Iscom and thank you TSP!"