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Admission in 5th year

Bac+5 programmes at ISCOM

These programmes are accessible either through internal and parallel admission, or by initial and continuing training (contract and period of professionalisation- to holders of a Level II or equivalent diploma or a Level I diploma or after a training course to be completed according to the candidates career plan. They are also accessible through the Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience.
These programmes lead to a state-certified Level I Brand Manager Qualification.

Admissions tests for admission to the Bac+5 International Global Communications programme with placement at ISCOM Paris are in English


Analysis and Commentary 2H00 4
Multiple choice
General culture and French language skills
30 minutes 2
Multiple choice professional and media environment
30 minutes 2
QCM oral comprehension
QCM written / grammar comprehension
Expository Essay
1h30 2
Oral test Individual motivation interview 30 minutes 6



You may only apply once in each academic year, and you should apply in the town in which you want to study. The registration fee is EUR 100.


A complete candidature file and the following documents: academic certificates from final year at high school onwards, a CV with application letter and photo.