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The capital of Europe, a commercial centre of the highest order, but also a cultural, gastronomic and tourist city, Strasbourg is a metropolitan centre with a rich and varied heritage where economic dynamism mixes with quality of life! After two decades in the heart of the city, ISCOM Strasbourg sets the standard for communication schools in the East of France.


ISCOM Strasbourg: at the heart of our region’s ambitions

As a European capital, Strasbourg promotes innovation. Research, businesses and training interact in a search for excellence, creating positive energies in many fields. ISCOM Strasbourg is part of this spirit, and has developed collaborations with many of the region’s major economic players..

ISCOM Strasbourg: the great school of communications in the East

With renowned professional speakers, ambitious projects, active and collaborative networks, ISCOM Strasbourg has successfully entered the communications markets of Alsace and Europe. Its European and international ambitions place ISCOM Strasbourg at the heart of a cultural, economic and social dynamic that our students appreciate..

Isabelle Lallemant / Educational head


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