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Welcome to ISCOM Strasbourg

ISCOM STRASBOURG - Communications and advertising school


ISCOM Strasbourg is located in a city which embraces the international world. As future communication professionals, you will find a stimulating student framework based on active and innovative teaching methods where you can discover, exchange, discuss, imagine, experiment in addition to which you will be complemented with the pastoral care you need.



The quality of an authentic curriculum is the result of a motivated professional team, one which is fully involved with ensuing its students’ success. As the Japanese poet, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, once said “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean!”. This particular sentence and philosophy is what drives our team,  showing our students how to work efficiently towards building their professional projects. We are ISCOM, we represent our school through not only our words but also our accomplishments !


At ISCOM Strasbourg : Here, Together, Let’s prepare for tomorrow !

Strasbourg is an attractive and animated city : the cultural diversity of the city inspires our innovation,  our spirit and spheres of competence. Communication is one of the most important economical and societal challenges of the 21th century. Our Campus brings together the benefits of a global European capital city with the will to work on major necessary changes. Joining our campus means sharing our values of tolerance, commitment and progress ? in order to be truly able and ready to take charge of our future. Together we can build the world of tomorrow…


Mylène THIL / Director of ISCOM Strasbourg


15, rue des Magasins - 67000 StrasbourgTél : 03 88 37 59 03E-mail :