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Welcome to ISCOM Montpellier

Communications and advertising school

ISCOM has been based for 20 years in the North of Montpellier, in the heart of the university quarter.

Montpellier is a dynamic town, with six economic sectors – information and communication technologies, healthcare, tourism; informatics; agriculture and high-tech viticulture – are especially valuable. The town’s geographic location, the quality of its higher education, its excellent transport links and its tradition for a warm welcome make it a young and vibrant community.


ISCOM Montpellier welcomes more than 300 students, more than 60 professional teachers and trainers. It is also the heart of a network of more than 1500 alumni.


Over the years ISCOM has become a key part of the communications market in the South of France. Every year more than 250 companies, media and agencies welcome our internship students, entrust them with micro-agency tasks and professional projects. Thanks to the work of our students, as well as their creativity and professionalism, we receive more and more offers every year. The quality, number and importance of these offers is increasing all the time. At ISCOM Montpellier we have built not only the spirit of a great school, but also an atmosphere of conviviality. We are developing a policy of internationalisation in our courses by offering our fourth year students an International option, with one term in Montpellier and three in the United States.

See you soon in Montpellier.

Claudine PUYAU / Director


1702, rue Saint Priest
34097 Montpellier Cedex 5
Tél : 04 67 10 57 74
E-mail :