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Welcome at ISCOM Lille

ISCOM Lille: the leading communications school in the North


Welcome to ISCOM Lille


Located in the heart of the student quarter of Lille – France’s third biggest university town and third biggest financial centre – ISCOM Lille has benefited for 20 years from this dynamic region close to Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands. With a wealth of businesses, communication agencies and media companies, the Northerners have developed an active leadership position in logistics, online sales, fashions, agriculture & food and financial services.

More than 300 of these organisations involve Iscomiens each year in activities as diverse as business games, advertiser competitions organised within the school, micro-agencies, internships and jobs. Our courses are also taught by the heads of Lille’s major agencies, and advertisers, as well as journalists, doctoral students and business creators.

Together, we will share the values of humanity and courage of the Northerners!

Jean-Marc FRECON - Director of ISCOM Lille


57 rue de Paris - 59000 Lille
Tél. : 03 28 36 16 10
E-mail :