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Why choose ISCOM ?

10 Reasons why ISCOM is for YOU!

1. ReputationISCOM is reputed in the communications field thanks to the quality of its academics and its alumni.


2. Know howEmployers prize the professionalism and adaptability of ISCOM graduates


3. Professional network

Thanks to its alumni network and partnerships with industry, ISCOM is permanently developing innovative programs


4 Professional training

ISCOM trains students in communications, marketing and advertising, public relations, events management, and digital communications, thereby preparing them to be fully operational within the industry. Throughout training at ISCOM, mandatory internships in France as well as abroad plunge students into the professional world prior to graduation


5. Diversity of programsAll ISCOM courses are designed for students, including working professionals seeking additional training.


6. Innovative ideasISCOM constantly develops innovative programs so as to include the latest communications and marketing trends.


7. Bilingual instructionISCOM offers special bilingual courses and business competitions taught entirely in English.


8. International awarenessThanks to its English-speaking teachers and its partnership with Winthrop University (USA), ISCOM is a multicultural school. Many ISCOM students participate in one or several internship opportunities abroad.


9.  8 campuses

ISCOM campuses are located in 8 of the most beautiful and world-renowned French cities.


10. Diversity of Student Body

ISCOM is proud to welcome students from different cultures and backgrounds that share a common passion for the communications field.