A Communications school of its time

Virginie MUNCHIn this digital age, we must bear in mind that communications is primarily a profession concerned with relationships, and that therefore can only be done well if it is anchored in strong values.

The values that drive us in our school, and which we pass on to our students, are as follows:

Tolerance to different ideas, cultures and opinions. This value represents the respect for others and, therefore, both intellectual and behavioural integrity.
This value lies behind our dedication to the individual in terms of monitoring and encouraging our students, and the adaptability of our teaching.


Commitment to our convictions. Courage and tenacity in our choices and, therefore, acceptance of our individual and collective responsibilities.
Our internship supervisors and HR services tell us our students are dependable and reliable.

Progress – belief in the capacity of individuals and organisations to change and innovate, which requires enthusiasm and a taste for adventure and discovery.
We believe that creativity and optimism contribute to a company’s wellbeing, and that responsible brands can guide the management of organisations.
We believe communications is a business of company management, because it is a profession concerned with the strategy and management of organisations. We are generalist because we want to give our students the keys to understanding this world.

The purpose of a school is also to prepare the people who will be running the world of tomorrow. Our ambition is to train responsible men and women who think before they act, and who show the true independence of judgement they will need to make that world better.

Virginie Munch,
Director General, ISCOM