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The grand école for communications

ISCOM was founded in Paris in 1986. Since then it has grown into a network of seven school across France, each with strong links to its region and a strong network of partner businesses and universities around the world.

ISCOM strongly believes that the quality of a business’s communications is directly linked to the overall performance of that business. As a result, ISCOM offers its students a deep general education that gives them the keys to understanding the world of communications, while developing their senses of commitment, critical thinking and creativity. We believe in doing as well as learning, so we work in collaboration with the creative community – the “makers”.


Every day, ISCOM:

Deepens its integration into the professional market for which we are preparing our students. The school develops its pedagogical programmes together with companies to reflect rapidly changing labour market for communications, creative and marketing professionals. For their part, companies work with ISCOM to increase their familiarity with new generations, new ideas and new eras.

Focuses on its creativity. Because a solid school lives by the values and knowledge we teach: working to increase our capacity to innovate, to perceive new trends and to be open to the world.

Listens to its students. We have built a communication school with a culture deeply rooted in teams who welcome projects and give everyone a chance. We believe that the school of tomorrow can be built today, working with our students in a spirit of co-creation, a culture of exchange and of building a happy workplace through agile management and collaboration with new brands and start-ups.

Our ambition is to offer our alumni the chance to find their own path to personal and professional fulfilment.


The ISCOM experience is more than 30 years old

More than 30 years of living our values and translating them into our programmes, methods and organisation alongside the evolutions that have occurred in the communications sector

More than 30 years of building an active, engaged network of alumni who work to help both the school and our future graduates

More than 30 years of being a school in tune with its times


ISCOM : From Bac to Bac+5

A Grande Ecole of communications and advertising

Programmes from Bac to Bac+5

State certified Level 7 qualifications:
Professional specialisations: global business and brand communications, marketing & advertising, PR, media relations, events, digital creation and communication, International Global Communications

Bac+5 programmes with placement: Brand and innovation management, Influence and event strategy, Digital Communication and creativity, International Global Communications, Creative Design Branding, New economy management, Public and political communications management, Creativity 360, Global Marketing Communications, Marketing Communication Management

Courses validated by businesses, in tune with market evolution.

Diplomas shaped by international communications, including international courses.

A culture of development and innovation

A team that is passionate about teaching and communication

Training for every communications profession.

8 communications schools in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Montpellier, Rouen, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Bordeaux and 3000 students.