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8 campuses in France

The ISCOM Network: Eight school in France

A network of schools in three dimensions: regional, national and international!


The ISCOM network groups seven schools across France. Beyond common curricula and teaching methods, the national dimension of the ISCOM network lies in its joint commitment to the same human values and vision of the communications professions.
But each institution is also distinctive, anchored in its local economy by working closely with professionals, organisations and professional associations in its region who actively participate in the life of our schools.
Thanks to this regional involvement, the ISCOM network can echo developments in the communication markets, and prepare students effectively for their professional integration. This challenge is based on the strengthening of a dynamic policy of openness to the international environment by giving priority to English bilingual teaching and embedding a multi-cultural approach to communication and establishing partnerships with foreign associations and universities.

ISCOM is in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Montpellier, Rouen, Strasbourg, Toulouse ... but the Iscomiens are everywhere!