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ISCOM encourages international mobility in its students. Studies abroad can be undertaken as an ERASMUS exchange with a partner institution. The school also has partnership with universities in the USA and the UK.

STUDY OVERSEAS WITH ERASMUSLaunched by the European Commission the ERASMUS+ programme supports exchanges between higher education establishments in Europe and encourages the international mobility of students. In this context, our students can spend a semester studying with a partner establishment. They qualify for a bursary which can assist them with their trip. Every ERASMUS student will receive a statement of their marks each semester.

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ERASMUS partner establishments

ISCOM has forged partnerships with overseas institutions, which are aimed at promoting European mobility. These exchanges are an opportunity to learn in an international environment and to discover new ways of teaching. They also help to broaden our vision of communication. You will also have the opportunity to master another language, to explore a new culture, to develop your adaptability and your self-confidence. You can spend a semester at one of our partner establishments. The courses offered at these universities are in accordance with the teaching objectives of ISCOM, and will qualify you for 30 ECTS credits.


Studying overseas outside ERASMUS

ISCOM has signed partnership agreements with institutions in the USA and the UK. Our students have access to diplomas delivered by the University of Winthrop in the USA and Bedfordshire in the UK..


The American programme

After the successful validation of 3rd year studies at ISCOM, our students have access to the Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing offered by the University of Winthrop, South Carolina. Once they have completed their diploma, they also have access to the University’s MBA.


The UK Com programme

In North London, the international campus of the University of Luton welcomes ISCOM students after their 4th year. In one year (1 month at ISCOM Lille, 11 months in England), students have access to the MBA in Marketing and Business Management from the University of Bedfordshire.