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ISCOM offers programmes taught in foreign languages, which allows our students to open themselves to foreign cultures, to think differently about communication and to build an international career.


International Global Communications

100% taught in English

The International Global Communications Course offers an international approach to brand communications. It is offered from the first year, and allows you to study entirely in English. Taught by Anglophone communication professionals, International Global Communications uses Anglo-Saxon methods of management and communications. This five year course opens career paths in France and overseas. It can be joined at any time by students who want to switch to an international context and practice their English every day.

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The Franco-German programme at ISCOM Strasbourg

A trilingual course in English, French and German

The dynamism of Franco-German relations represents a wide array of professional opportunities. Are you a German speaker? We offer you a course in communication in three languages open to the European environment. We have built a network of collaboration with major French and German economies, including the Alsace region. You will, over three years, develop your European culture and your expertise in communication. The two final years are centred on international brand strategies.

To meet the needs of the dynamic Franco-German economy, which accounts for around 600,000 jobs in the two countries, ISCOM Strasbourg has developed its first Franco-German course in communications. With this new curriculum, ISCOM aims to train future French and German employees who will be able to collaborate together in communication and marketing, commerce and management, and brand strategy in France, Germany and around the world. Students can develop their skills and a truly intercultural vision of business and institutions, with the major strengths of knowledge and understanding of the specificities of French and German society.

Enterprise and experience are at the heart of the programme

With input from German, Anglophone and French professionals, plus professional projects and the opportunity to respond to briefs from French and German companies with a European and international presence, this is a truly international course. There are also Franco German conferences and foreign internships, and all teaching is based on real professional situations.

Communications training in three languages

Through this programme, students develop skills and an intercultural vision of companies and institutions, with the major strength of a deep understanding of the French and German ways of doing things. In the first year of study, teaching is one third in French, one third in German and one third in English. Over the course the courses in German and English are reinforced. By the fourth and fifth year students can follow their courses entirely in English.

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