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At ISCOM, every internship period can be spent abroad.

To encourage the mobility of our students, the obligatory international stage is planned for the third year. This international experience allows you to perfect your foreign language, and also to discover a new cultural environment.

• Stages which take place in Europe can also qualify for a bursary as part of the Erasmus+ programme. Countries in which our students have undertaken internships include: United States, United Kingdom; the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Africa, Switzerland…



ISCOM is a member of the ERASMUS+ Charter for Higher Education (ECHE)).
For our students, that 3rd year international internship corresponds with 12 ECTS, the international specialisation of the 4th year 19 ECTS.
1 ECTS represents around 28 hours of work (face to face, personal work and assessment. Each student receives a statement each semester of their notes (for each course module and a general average for their course).
At the end of each academic year, the student receives an annual report and an ECTS statement.