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At ISCOM, each student builds their course and has access to a wide range of specialisations, from the 3rd year of the Grande Ecole Programme. Depending on your professional project, you will progressively develop skills including branding design, strategic planning, marketing, customer relationship management, public relations and influence, advertising creation, communication, crisis management, social media, events, data, shopper marketing, content…

In the 3rd year, you will choose a specialisation to refine your professional project

Global Business and Brand Communications

Marketing / Advertising

Communication and Digital Creation - Creation and Digital Communication

Public relations, Media, Events - Public Relation Management

Creativity 360(ISCOM Paris)

International Global Communications (ISCOM Paris)


New specialisations are added from the 4th year

Creative Design Branding (ISCOM Paris) 

Marketing Communication Management (ISCOM Paris)

Global Marketing Communication

Creativity 360 (ISCOM Paris)


Each of these specialisations is open for your 5th year placement at ISCOM

Brand and innovation management

Creation and digital communication

Influence and strategies of the event

Creativity 360

Management of new economies

International Global Communications

Management and communication of public and political action

Global Marketing Communication

Creative Design Branding

Expérience client, UX et marketing digital professionnel

Marketing, Communication, Management (2 years cycle, admission in 4th Year only)