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Grande Ecole Programme

Grande Ecole programme in communications: Bac to Bac +5

The ISCOM Grande Ecole programme offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to communications, designed to train creative people, enterprising communicators, strategists and influencers.

New Ideas, new jobs

Digital transformation is having a profound effect on society. In general, brands have entered a situation of proximity, conversation and engagement with their audiences and consumers. In this context, marketing and communications are central functions of a company’s management, at the heart of their strategies.

Our ambition: to be close to the professional market

Le The ISCOM Grande Ecole programme trains students in communications and marketing over five years, working closely with companies to match their expectations. The course prepares its students for all communications activities, including digital, creation, advertising, strategic planning, branding, public relations, public affairs and political communication, media and internal relations.

Our approach: Thinking, doing and gaining confidence

Our philosophy of openness is integrated into our school and our partner organisations, and encourages our students to discover and integrate themselves into professional circles.

Project-based work builds autonomy and encourages students to become actors in their studies.

Internships in France and overseas allow our students to put their knowledge to work on the ground.

The course provides a solid knowledge of the environment, allowing a good understanding of changes underway and develop good adaptability.

Education events and meetings develop a sense of responsibility, self-confidence and ease in the workplace through a better understanding of issues.


We only do well what we love…The Grande Ecole offers a chance for every student to build their chosen path
The course offers real flexibility for our students, who can adapt their path over time according to their tastes and skills. Specialisations, options and optional challenges are offered to help inform these choices and allow every student to build their professional profile as a communicator.

More than 9 Bac+5 programmes with placements across all sectors: digital, innovation, new economies, Public affairs, design thinking, international, creative, events and PR, communication/management.

5 specialisations offered from the third year including advertising/marketing, global communications, digital, events and public relations, international communications

10 international agreements

More than 8 specialties available in the 4th year

4 internships integrated into the course: a total of at least 16 months spent in companies

2 international tracks

2 talents: creativity and entrepreneurship

2 Level II and I certified qualifications


The Grande Ecole programme is also:

A programme that evolves every year to anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

A way of working that values project working, technologies and humanity.

Open to growing disciplines, including neuroscience, sensory marketing, shopper marketing; design thinking, branding design and data mining

Designed for the daring, the creative, the intuitive and the inventive.