Franco-German Programme

Franco-German Programme


To respond to the Franco-German economic dynamic, which generates nearly 600,000 jobs per year, ISCOM has developed a trilingual training course in English, German and French. This 5-year programme is a real asset to students who want to distinguish themselves in companies and is built in partnership with international companies such as L'Oréal and Stabilo, and in close collaboration with institutions including the Alsace region. The objective of this training course is to support future employees of French and German companies in their mastery of branding strategies and the management of communication abroad.

5 reasons to choose the Franco-German course at ISCOM

A trilingual course to:

Develop international communication strategies,

Mastering intercultural management,

Enhance your foreign language skills,

Begin your studies in a bicultural metropolis and complete them in the heart of Paris,

Open up to Europe and the world



These compulsory internships are integrated into the curriculum:


Year of study            Duration of internship
1st year 3 months
2nd year  4 months
3rd year 1 semester
4th year  6 months
5th year  placement



1st year

60 ECTS Credits
Courses in English: personal development, job training, business intelligence, communication market, academic English, social media, communication market ...
Courses in German: marketing, comparative law, intercultural management coaching professional project ...
Courses in French: creativity, case studies, brand analysis, professional writing, general culture ...

2nd year

60 ECTS Credits
French: Histoire et institutions européennes, Média Planning, Microéconomie
German: Professionnelle Aufträge, Challenge – Schaffung einer digitalen Marke in deutsch-französischer Zusammenarbeit, Kommunikationsrecht, Geschäftsbeziehungen, Interkulturelles Management
English: Writing for the Web, Personal Branding, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Mobile Commerce, and Service Marketing, Digital Branding, Search Engine Optimization (SEO Project), IT Skills

3rd year

60 ECTS Credits
French: Conception rédaction, Linguistique et sémiologie
German: Unternehmertum, Mikroagenturen, Arbeitsrecht, Verwaltung eines internationalen und interkulturellen Projekts, Unternehmenskommunikation
English: International Press Review, Franco-German Product Launch Business Challenge, International Marketing and Sectorial Analysis, International Brand Platforms



The Second Cycle of the course (International Global Communications) is entirely in English. It takes place at ISCOM Paris, and concentrates on international brand strategies, international media and management, strategic planning and coordination of international accounts. The students can also join the American Programme at Winthrop university [AACSB accredited] to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing Communication and then complete their training with an MBA. Evaluation Continuous assessment and examinations 60 ECTS credits per year Courses are taught by communications and marketing professionals from institutions, businesses and agencies.

Entry in the 1st Year
This selective programme is open in the 1st Year to students who have or are about to have the BAC, or the ABIBAC offered by European countries. The competition is open to French and German students, as well as students with a strong command of both languages.
Definitive admission is dependent on BAC/ABIBAC results.Competition sessions begin in December and continue until July.

Admission to the Franco-German programme lasts half a day. Tests in French emphasize general culture, creativity and interest in media life and news. Your level of English will be test in both written and oral tests. Finally a 30-minute interview is conducted in French, German and English.

How to apply
See the next competition dates at ISCOM Strasbourg and Paris
Competition registration fee: EUR 100



LISTENING TEST  30 minutes 2
[in German, English and French]
30 minutes 2
[in French]
1h00 2
English written comprehension
1h30 3
[in three languages]
30 minutes 6

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