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In a globalised world, brands are now global and businesses are integrating different cultures and nationalities into their teams.
It is, therefore, natural that ISCOM should prepare you for an international career, whether it is in France or overseas, and encourage your international mobility.

 ISCOM offers intercultural programmes in management and communication, overseas semesters as part of an internship, an ERASMUS exchange or our partnerships with international universities.




Exchanges and courses in Europe as part of ERASMUS+

International internships integrated into courses

An international week and international workshops

Programmes in foreign languages: 100% in English or trilingual (German, English, French)

Group conversations in English

TOEIC sessions to test your level in English

Regular collaborations with FIT New York

Access to the Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing or an MBA from Winthrop University (USA)

Access to the MBA in Marketing and Business Management from the University of Bedfordshire (UK)