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Steady work experience

Steady work experience

The workplacement and enterprise relationship department is the link between companies and students.
It helps them with a successful professional integration. Their curriculum includes required full time internships.

  • Internships

Year 4 : final internship
6 months from March to September

Year 3: 1 internship
September to January

Year 2: 2 internships
November to December and June to August

Year 1: 2 internships
January to February and June to August

5th year -Standard program: 1 internship
April to September

5th year - work-study program
4 days within the company / 1 day at school for one year

To recruit an ISCOMer


  • ISCOM graduates: True Professionals


ISCOM graduates:
-      know how to work efficiently and how to get involved in their company
-      know how to use cutting edge communications methods, techniques, and tools
-      know how to use new technology to implement communications strategies with striking messages, relevant channels and media, and achieve effective results
-      understand the constraints of the field and the client, and select the best suited strategies
-      have a global view of the communications field
-      know how to work within a team and have a sense of responsibility
-      are passionate

To recruit an ISCOM graduate