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International Internships with ISCOM

Help with employment and training

Individual support with training and employment

From the professionalization week in the first year to the coaching contract of professionalization in the final year, through the International week and the Grand Communication Forum… Our students benefit from individualised support towards employment, led by the ISCOM Companies and Careers Service. Each year, nearly 6000 internship offers are distributed, and more than 750 work/study offerings are presented to our students.

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Internships begin in the first year: they are compulsory and are integrated into the curriculum. As part of the professionalization and progression of our students towards their entry into the workplace, they allow them to cultivate their autonomy and build a professional network. Each student is supported in their search for an internship, including CV, cover letter and workplace simulation workshops.

1st year: 2 months internship

2nd year: 3 months internship

3rd year: 4 months internship overseas

4th year: 6 months internship

5th year: combining a placement with studies is a stepping-stone into the world of employment and allows a long integration into a company.


5th year placement

The 5th year placement is part of a gradual transition into working using the professional skills and knowledge our students have acquired throughout their course. It enables each student to build their skills and autonomy as an employee while still being part of the school – allowing a more fluid professional integration.
From personal branding at the beginning of the year to the sharing of experiences in the framework of the seminar on entrepreneurship, ISCOM helps students enter employment. Upstream of this process, the Companies and Careers Service is very active, supporting our students according to their ambitions and needs: individualised appointments, group coaching, interviews with relevant professionals and HR people are mobilised to help our students accelerate their move into the jobs market.