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ISCOM – 25 years of partnerships with industry

The Higher Institute for Communications and Advertising, ISCOM, has been teaching professional communications for 25 years. It has a practical as well as a strategic approach to the industry and its needs. Thanks to permanent collaboration with companies and professional organisations, ISCOM provides its students with the culture of the communications sector. Multi-disciplinary vocational training prepares graduates for a variety of career opportunities in several positions within the field, assuring effective professional integration.
  • Multi-disciplined training

The major fields of the communication industry are included in each of the 4 majors:

Corporate and Brand communications

PR, Press Relations and Events Management,

Advertising and Marketing Communications

Digital Communications

Courses such as Critical Thinking, Marketing, Strategy, Company Environments, Economics, Communications Management, and the creation of fifth-year work-study programs, graduates possess a creative, economic, and effective approach to business and communications strategy, basic skills to work in a sector that is permanently evolving.


  • Practical training

At ISCOM, companies contribute to academic life through:

- lectures and conferences
- the implementation of industry challenges, product launches, and brand strategy
- thesis coaching
- assessment during professional presentations
- the introduction of companies and communications positions
- job opportunities offered to trainees or graduates
- job opportunities offered to students enrolled in work-study programs

Students have the opportunity to acquire professional experience throughout their studies, either individually or within a team:

- during their internship, work-study programs, creative contests
- during micro-agency projects
- during real professional challenges

  • Dynamic training

Important aspects of the program include:- Globalization and multicultural awareness through a growing number of required and elective bilingual and international-focused courses

- Emerging disciplines and state-of-the-art information technology through the daily use of ISCOM intranet, the development of e-learning, and IT training
- Innovation with a business Chair on innovative communication and a fifth-year work-study program dedicated to innovation
- The creation of work-study programs dedicated to specific communications fields and competencies
- Creativity through the creation of communications tools and the development of individual creative judgement.